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The Great State of Florida and the Confederate States of America

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Confederate Florida

A Look In The Mirror...

Where do you stand?


Whether one admits it or not, the United States Government has an ever increasing and influential role in our personal and financial lives. It has been this way for many, many years. Some would proclaim this as the "good news", for it relieves them of the responsibility of maintaining their existence. They are simply ambivilant, don't care or even ignorant of this intrusion as they go about their daily lives, focusing on their own personal situation, interests or ambitions, taking the nicely paved politically correct path when the fork in life's road demands a decision.

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Who's looking out for you?

Sadly, it appears, those are in the majority, listening for that ever present, soft sensual voice saying, "We care, we'll make life fair for you". Haven't you ever heard someone say, "There outta be a law? ..." C'mon, 'fess up, you know you have. You've probably uttered those words yourself. And, like the Genie popping out of the bottle, your wish is granted. But his generosity comes not without cost. The Genie wants your freedom and money in exchange for his "gifts". And those that depend on him agree to the price, as long as it's someone else's freedom and money that will settle the fee.

Then there are others, a growing minority, who feel that the loss of individual freedom, the squelching of decency and morality, and the outright theft of our money is too high a price to pay and fear a future of government engineered robots, all dressed in those sci-fi hospital white uniforms, walking in single file up and down that white, clean, disinfected governmental sci-fi corridor, owing their very existence to the State.

Where do you fit in?. Glance in the mirror and take a look. Do you see yourself as free and independant, or do you see the shadow of Government lurking over your shoulder? Turn around quickly. Is it gone? Or is the spectre still there, smiling at you, hand extended, palm up?

The United States were founded on the principles of freedom. Everyone knows that. They've been told this from birth and even remember reading it in a book somewhere. But what they might not know, is that even as the Union of States was being born, there was much argument as to just what constituted that freedom. And then, as now, many folks just didn't care. They were here, in America, and someone would look after them. 'King George wasn't such a bad guy.' But eventually the Constitution was completed in such a way as to insure liberty to all the States that wanted to be represented by the United States.

The country was barely 70 years old when those in the southern part of the United States thought the Nation's Government wasn't playing fair and giving more to the northern States even though the South was paying it's share and playing by the rules. What happened in America at that time is now history. But unknown to many of us, a history rewritten. Rewritten by the winners of that long ago but not forgotten confrontation. Why? For what purpose was this done?

Today the truth is being told. Hear it and see it for yourself. And if you're someone who can still see the image in the mirror when you turn around, put that truth in his outstreached palm and watch him disappear.
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