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Some of our neighbours have been criticizing the League for not being 'Confederates' and for wanting to form a 'new' Southern republic (as opposed to the CSA of our ancestors). Allow us to clarify. We in the League are true Confederates in the sense that we believe in a confederacy or league of sovereign States instead of a centralised, unitary polity as we have today. That we don't dwell in the past, leaning solely on the accomplishments of our Confederate ancestors, ought not to call into question our Confederateness.

We don't wish to form a 'new' Southern republic. The League has acknowledged from the start that the South is a conquered and occupied country. Our understanding of history tells us that the CSA never formally surrendered—only our armies in the field did. Therefore, legally speaking, the old CSA still exists. Technically, the secession of the Southern States still holds today. The formal process of secession, then, is not necessary because our ancestors have already accomplished it for us. Whether the Southern people one day will think it necessary to formally re-affirm the secession of their separate States is still an open question.

The above de jure argument, however, while correct, does not speak to the practical de facto situation we face in the South today. The Southern people generally are ignorant of their own history. In addition, they are addicted to government largesse, and are patriotic supporters of the Empire, at least as long as it's being run by so-called conservative Republicans in the White House and Congress. Re-asserting the South's independence at present would be no more palatable to them than mounting a full-blown secession movement (if it were legally necessary to do so). Moreover, they surely would not support the idea of re-staffing the governmental posts within the CSA that have remained vacant since 1865, as some now advocate.

In short, even though all that is necessary is for us to re-assert our de jure standing as an independent Southern republic, in truth we are going to have to convince the Southern people that independence would be advantageous and desirable. Again, legally, we won't have to re-secede; however, we will have to gain the consent of a significant number of our people to make our de facto independence plausible and possible in the 21st century.

This is what the League means when we say in our new strategy statement that we are trying to create a climate among our people conducive to Southern independence. If by God's grace we succeed, our Southern republic will be 'new' only in the sense that it has received the affirmation and support of Southerners alive today. Without this, all claims to the de jure existence of the CSA will be merely a scholarly exercise, devoid of real meaning for our people. This time around, we don't want the consolation of just being right; we want to be right and win!

In the worst-case scenario, to act upon a legal claim of this sort without the support of an educated and willing public will lead to ridicule and the discrediting of our movement. A case in point will serve to illustrate. A few years ago, a rather bright young fellow from another Southern State claimed, and quite rightly we believe, that ever since Reconstruction, his current State government had been a legal fiction and thus illegitimate. Not content to patiently educate his fellow citizens and seek their support in putting things right, he declared himself to be the new Governor after an 'election', in which only his handful of followers voted. He saw the election as a mandate for governing the State. Last we heard, however, the illegitimate sitting Governor had not yet relinquished his seat in the Statehouse. So much for being right in a purely legal sense. We sincerely hope that those who presently are trying to re-staff the CSA government of our ancestors learn a lesson from this kooky example.

So, what is the League of the South's answer? Let us work our new strategy, creating a climate conducive to independence. Let us gain the confidence and support of our people by becoming their worthy servants. Then let us re-assert our independence and nationhood on the firm foundational principles of 1776 and 1861. Though the South is presently a nation by right, this means nothing until the South starts acting like a nation in fact. To bring Dixie to that point is the League's goal. Then we can realistically claim the mantle of the CSA and give it new life in our own day.

While we argue about degrees of Confederateness, our borders are being overrun by a Third World invasion. As a corrective to petty arguments, we suggest that our members as well as our detractors read Jean Raspail's prophetic novel from the 1970s, The Camp of the Saints. Raspail's predictions for the West have come true before our very eyes. Chilling and eye-opening, The Camp of the Saints illustrates the root cause of our eventual demise—lack of will to preserve our civilisation in the face of political correctness. The paperback edition is currently available from the League.

 Deo Vindice.

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