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The Country That I Love

(From a column by Wayne D. Carlson)

The America that I love is simply not represented by the current government power structure. The America I love was made up of a voluntary Union of sovereign States that recognized that government is the servant, not the Master of the people. It recognized that we were a Republic and not a mobocracy. It recognized that nations are made up of people with a common language, history, and culture. It further recognized that their people have a right to its free and unfettered enjoyment and protection. The America I love believed in free enterprise, free association, and did not meddle unnecessarily in the affairs of other nations, or the reserved powers of the States. It believed in the sanctity of life and the sacredness of the family unit. This other America, an older and in most ways, better America, believed in the sovereignty of our Christian God and claimed no allegiance to any other. This older and better America essentially perished with the surrender of Robert E. Lee's forces at Appomattox Court House, Virginia in 1865. In its place arose the American empire and the omnipotent, consolidated State that now threatens to undermine and destroy the last vestiges of the founder's America, along with its Constitution.

Some may think this a fine and wonderful thing. They may delude themselves into believing they will remake the world according to some utopian dream. The Bible, in the story of the Tower of Babel, teaches the foolishness and wickedness of such schemes because they challenge the ordinances and prerogatives of God. Secular history is also replete with examples of how such schemes are all eventually carried out by violent coercion and end in bloody failure and the establishment of tyranny.

What, after all, does it mean to be an "American" anymore? According to our Masters today, all it takes to be an American today is to be physically present within our borders. Anyone, anywhere, can walk across our borders and our "leaders" will eventually declare them a "citizen". They needn't speak our language, know our history or laws, and respect our cultural values or inheritance, or be tolerant of our dying Christian dominance. All the government cares about is the new American's willingness to pay their taxes, and serve in their imperial armies.

This column attempts to challenge the assumptions of the average reader and offers the reader a different perspective, albeit one that was quite common in the early days of the old Republic. The fact that, …unaccustomed to its fare after a steady diet of "Statist" views offered night after night from the usual sources, I'm sure some readers will misunderstand both me and my views. Suffice it to say, I look to the American model of self-government that was last embodied, though imperfectly, in Confederate America. Maligned, ridiculed, subjugated and oppressed, she still embodies most closely, the remnant of that old America I work to restore. The old America would not need to worry about foreign terrorists for the simple reason that we'd be minding our own business.

In choosing peaceful separation rather than perpetual rancor, malice, and conflict, from those demanding that the old America give way to the American SuperState, I believe the South pointed the way for the only peaceful and sensible resolution to any people's irreconcilable political, economic, social, or religious differences. The founding fathers established the model by their withdrawal from Britain and the South merely adopted their methodology. The SuperState will naturally ridicule and repudiate a model that would challenge their absolute control. It is a model that those who love the old, vanishing, Christian America, need to embrace. I think the time has come for a Southern, Christian exodus. Decentralization, with legitimate checks and balances, not consolidation and empire, are American principles that American's worthy of the name should be advocating. Until the rebirth of the America I love, I will remain, "Simply Southern".

Wayne Carlson is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Patrick Henry Chapter, Virginia League of the South. Mr. Carlson can be reached at
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