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Confederate Florida

Lawful Government of the South

(From a column by Randall Hamilton - July 22, 1994)

We must all remember the truthful events of history and use those truths for the inspiring hope we all share, as an example for today and for all those tomorrows yet to come. Truth is the most powerful weapons ever placed in the hands of man. As citizens of Florida and the Confederate States, we have this weapon on our side. All truth is of the Almighty God, for He is truth, and we should hold fast to the truth.

Our country, the Confederate States of America, was lawfully and constitutionally formed. The lawful citizens of the thirteen member States and Territories known as the Confederate States of America, acting upon their inalienable rights given of Almighty God in creation, via the ballot box, by the consent of the governed, gave birth to a new nation. This was done, not in some dark corner, but by and through their duly elected representatives, at Secession Conventions, or by the direct vote of the citizenry, as was the case in States such as Virginia and Texas.

Many States reserved the right to withdraw from the Voluntary Union of States, when they ratifed the United States Constitution. The United States Federal Govenment was certainly agreeable to the principle of individual Sovereign States ratifying the constitution, as well as any amendment thereto, since it was drafted into the original document by the founding fathers. Many of whom later served in that same government and supported the principle. The right of a State to secede was not only set forth as a principle in drafting the original United States Constitution, but was enumerated in the 10th amendment. When the South seceded and formed the Confederacy, they made the Confederate States Constitution the Law of the Southland. The Confederate States General Government, under the Confederate States Constitution, is therefore, unto this day, STILL the only lawful general governing document of these thirteen member States and Territories of the Confederacy. Our occupation government as well as the several State Governments, acting as their cohorts, are the "de facto"(1) governments, because they were instituted by, and a direct result of force.

The Confederate States Government and the individual State Governments, elected under the principles of a free sovereign ballot box, and by the citizenry of the Confederacy, are the "de jure"(2) governments or rightful and lawful governing bodies. The Confederate States of America, once formed as a lawful and constitutional entity; a seperate, distinct and independent nation and people, was never surrendered as a nation. General Robert E. Lee and the other Confederate States Generals surrendered only the armies they themselves commanded, nothing more. President Jefferson Davis, and the men which held the offices of the Confederate States Government were the only ones, endowed with the power to surrender the Confederate States of America, as a nation. They did not do so! The United States Government, claiming the Southern States had been brought back into their "Union of States" could only base that claim on the aggressive use of force. Such acts committed under force, the threat of force or duress, were not, are not, nor never shall be legal, constitutional and binding. Therefore the Confederate States of America, remains in the status of a conquored, occupied, subjugated and now culturally cleansed nation and people.

The acts whereby the various State Governments rescinded their articles of secession, and rejoined the Untied States, stands as null and void, having been carried out by force, and outside of voluntary and continued consent, as well as outside the Confederate States Constitution. Truth and consent doesn't come by force, nor are military officers endowed with the power to terminate a duly elected government, nor a lawfully constituted nation. There are provisions layed down in the Confederate States Constitution, whereby that document may be rescinded, and none of those provisions were adhered to. Valid seats in the Confederate States Government shall be filled, via special elections, conducted by the citizenry thereof. On that day, our just and righteous cause, shall be vindicated. Let us pray always that we be found worthy of the good graces of the Almighty God.  

(1) de facto
    Function: adjective
    Date: circa 1689
    1 : especially : being such in effect though not formally recognized (a de facto state of war)
    2 : exercising power as if legally constituted (a de facto government)

(2) de ju·re
    Pronunciation: (")dE-'jur-E, (")dA-'yur-
    Function: adverb or adjective
    Etymology: Medieval Latin
    Date: 1611
    1 : by right : of right

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