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THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH has a dream....

CSA National BannerA free and prosperous Southern Republic.  Our own nation founded on private property, free association, fair trade, sound money, low taxes, equal justice before the law, secure borders, and armed and vigilant neutrality. Self-governing states and local communities invoking the favour and guidance of Almighty God. A bold, self-confident civilisation based on its European roots.

Our dream must begin in individual hearts and households and then expand to our communities and states. We do not believe that solutions to our social and moral problems can be imposed by any central state, and we understand that the struggle for local self-government will be a long one, extending across generations and requiring the work of those yet unborn. The good things in life come not as handouts from a distant government but from free people, working within their own communities to solve their own problems.

From the beginning, THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH has fearlessly stated our basic purpose:

"We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means."

To make this vision reality, the Southern people must call forth once again the honour, courage, and forthrightness that made our civilisation the envy of the world. Throughout our history we have stood, and often fought, for certain fundamental principles, and it is on these principles that THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH takes its stand.

We of THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH are pledged to:

1. Advance the interests and independence of the Southern people.

2. Defend the historic Christian faith of the South and return the regulation of religion and morals to the jurisdiction of states and local communities.

3. Educate Southerners (and other Americans of good will) about our history and our civilisation.

4. Protect the symbols and heritage of the traditional South.

5. Maintain our link with the great civilisations of Europe, especially that of the Anglo-Celts, from which the South has drawn its inspiration.

6. Encourage the development of healthy local communities and institutions by seceding from the mindless materialism and vulgarity of contemporary American society.

7. Restore the traditional rights reserved to the states under the Constitution.

8. Form friendships and alliances with sympathetic movements striving for devolution of government and independence for authentic nations and regions, both inside and outside of the United States.

9. Stimulate the economic vitality and self-sufficiency of the Southern people.

10. Pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honour to the cause we have undertaken.

But a nightmare stands in our way...

Since the War for Southern Independence, the South has been redefined by an alien and revolutionary vision from Washington, DC: the American Empire. This empire, which is in the hands of corrupt politicians, tyrannical judges, and global military adventurers, has been constructed on the rubble of our ancient liberties. It has imposed on its once-free citizens a vast and oppressive bureaucracy in the form of welfare and affirmative action programs that squander our wealth and incite racial strife; it has established regulatory agencies that stifle the spirit of enterprise; it has enacted legislation and issued judicial edicts to legitimate moral perversity and persecute religion; it has assumed control over the education of our children, who are taught little except to hate their ancestors and to despise their own people; and, ultimately, it has while pursuing empire abroad refused to defend its people against an epidemic of crime, the invasion of our borders by illegal aliens,and the international agencies that are bit by bit chipping away at the sovereignty of the United States. These enormities are sufficient to nullify whatever moral authority the central government once may have had.

The Empire will not tolerate deviation or independence. It has taken charge of the smallest details of our lives and stripped the states and local communities of their rights and responsibilities. The sons of free men have become slaves. We look at the might and power arrayed against us and are tempted to despair. The odds against us are too great! Our numbers are too few to affect real change! We are too weak.

But we reply, in the words of Robert Lewis Dabney, that

"It is only the atheist who adopts
success as the criterion of right."

Imagine what would happen if only one Southern state stood up for its rights under the 10th Amendment. If only one Southern community supported local agriculture and local businesses. If only one Southern family seceded from popular culture. And if only one Southerner joined THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH. Would another Southerner follow?

When the Hebrew leader Jonathan dared challenge the militarily-superior Philistines against great odds, he told his frightened followers:

"God is not constrained to save by many or by few."

To our fellow Southerners we say, We need only use the tools and numbers Heaven has given us. We need only declare our independence, one by one, from the malignant culture that poisons our very lifeblood as a people.

Our vision of a free and prosperous South continues the tradition of decentralisation defended by virtuous and principled Southerners: Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Mason, Randolph, Calhoun, Davis, and Lee. We daily accept expropriations from the central government, both material and spiritual, that would have brought these men to active resistance. They were willing to risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honour for the cause of liberty.

Will future generations say the same of us?

THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH is not just another Southern heritage group, not just sentimental dwellers in the past. We revere our Southern ancestors because they were right and because their ideas have consequences for our future.

We have a vision.  Do you dream with us?  Can you bear to tell your grandchildren you were not among us?  Take your stand today.  Join THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH.  Please click here and use the membership application to submit by mail.

Deo Vindice!

By my joining, I am agreeing to uphold the statement of purpose of The League of the South: "We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means."

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